Friday, February 19, 2010

Blogging It Forward!

Yesterday I wrote about the Beautiful Blogger Award passed on to me by the Social Secretary, Katie Hickey.  I managed to come up with 10 (hopefully not too random) things to share about myself.  That was harder than I thought it might be!
Passing the award on, though?  That's a snap.  I hope you enjoy checking out a few of these great blogs!

What's Cookin, Chicago? ( I've been a fan of Joelen's great cooking blog for years now!  I happened upon it my chance- I emailed her a cookie recipe for a recipe roundup she was doing.  I was really pleased when I learned that she was an incredibly nice blogger from Chicago, my hometown.  Her blog is one I check regularly for great recipe ideas and I couldn't help but cheer for her last year when she was competing in Red Eye's Virtual Kitchen Stadium challenge.  She won, of course!

Language School Advice ( This website is run by my lovely cousin Laura.  I'm not sure you'd consider it a blog (it is so much more!), but I can't pass up the opportunity to promote it.  Laura speaks flawlessly fluent Spanish due to many years of hard work taking classes, studying abroad, and continuing her education with language immersion programs.  The purpose of her website is to provide a forum for students to discuss the variety of programs out there and assist them in making an informed selection.  Wow!

Reel World Views (  I've known Addie for a long time.  We went to high school and college together.  We were also housemates my senior year.  I have lots of great memories of our crazy times in the AXO house!  Addie is hands down one of the funniest people I know, plus she has amazing taste in movies.  Her blog is a great place to go for honest reviews of some new movies, as well as lots of classic titles that I want to check out.

Annie's Books ( Annie and I have worked together for several years and I don't know what I'd do if she wasn't here to laugh and vent with!  Plus, she's saved me from reading a lot of crummy books over the years.  Annie works in books and I can't even count the number of book recommendations she's given me.  They've all been top notch and I spent a lot of time pressuring her to compile them into a blog.  She did (because I can be very pushy when I want to be) and I love checking her site to see what she's been reading.

Dining Room Office ( I couldn't resist including my friend Ted's new blog on this list.  I thought he'd get a chuckle out of receiving a "Beautiful Blogger Award."  Plus, he's got some kind of elite club called the D.R.O.P. list going on over on his blog and I want in on it.  I thought about offering him a dollar, but his wife Jenny is totally wise to that trick and would probably tip him off.  In all seriousness though, Ted is an incredibly talented and funny writer.  I'm not just saying that because he's married to one of my best friends.  Over the years, Jenny has shared chapters from his manuscript with us and they are laugh-out-loud funny.  I can't wait until his book is published, and until then, I'm really enjoying reading his blog.

Hope these links provide everyone with a little distraction to speed up an otherwise slow Friday afternoon at work.  Compiling the list definitely perked up my morning!  Bloggers, if you're willing to accept my award and keep the fun going, please acknowledge the person who sent it to you, list 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know, and pass it on to other bloggers!  Thanks!


A.C. said...

Meghan -- Thank you for your incredibly kind words and of course your gracious plug for my blog! (I need to get to work on another post!) And I will definitely be checking out some of these other blogs! Thanks again!

Meghan Scarsella said...

Addie- thanks for the comment. I'll be checking your blog for that new post- I need a good movie tip!