Sunday, February 14, 2010

Social Secretary to the Rescue!

Are you a creative, artsy-craftsy kind of person?  Me, not so much.  I think I can only go as far as considering  myself as a creative thinker.  In my work, I'm frequently tasked with creating lesson ideas, recipes, and events...and every once in a while I have to think of a creative solution when something goes wrong.  I'd be hard-pressed, however, to pass myself off as artistic or even crafty.  I am sadly deficient in both of these areas.  

That's why, when faced with the task of creating decor for a Valentine's-themed event at the restaurant, I enlisted the help of Katie, the Social Secretary.  She's definitely in the creative/artsy-craftsy category and has a blog full of fabulous, fun ideas.  If you haven't heard of her yet, I recommend visiting her site for creative inspiration.

Thankfully, the ideas she put together were not only super cute and perfect for the occasion, but also manageable enough for a not so crafty person like me.  Everything looked so cute in Fuel's space!  So cute, as a matter of fact, that the decorations will be staying up until after Valentine's Day and there is already discussion of what we'll put up next.  Here are a few of the highlights:

"LOVE" spelled out in painted wooden letters.  It couldn't have been easier to do a few sets of these to display around Fuel's space. Plus, the pale pink color really complimented the aqua-colored walls.

Paper pinwheels.  Little bunches of these were popped into vases and placed all over the restaurant.  Not as easy as the wooden letters, but not too hard once I got the hang of it.  I found really cute, patterned scrapbooking papers and used a heart paper punch for extra embellishment.  The steps I used to make these can be found here.

Heart wreath.  If you mastered cutting and pasting in kindergarten, you too can make this (and it will probably look cuter than mine).  My collection of cookie cutters came in really handy as tracers.   I cut out hearts of all shades and sizes that were then glued onto a ribbon-wrapped wreath.  I think it looks awfully nice on our cash register, don't you?

Apothecary jars filled with candy hearts...that's my kind of craft project!  (Especially since Michael's had a whole section of them.)  I will, for sure, re-use these jars for future events!
I was hoping to pull off a few of her other ideas- those lace votive holders and cute garlands really caught my eye- but I still had lots of food prep to do as well.  On the menu?  Buttermilk panna cotta with  raspberry coulis, flourless chocolate cake with creme anglaise, and lots of great appetizers!  The big hit of the night, though, was definitely the decor.  Thanks, Katie!


The Social Secretary said...

Meghan, it was so fun finding those ideas for you. Fuel looked so cute and festive for Valentine's Day! Everything you made looked awesome. I can't wait to try the flourless cake - Molly said it was delicious. Thanks for asking me to help!

Meghan Scarsella said...

Thanks again Katie- for all the help and for your nice comment. Hope to see you soon!